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About Us

Open Curtains Casting is here to help bridge the gap between Casting Directors/Producers to Crew and Talent, making it easier to put a project together!

Register today for free and head down the road to success in the film industry!  Get cast in  movies, television or work behind the scenes as a crew member. What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE!: opencurtainscasting.com. On Open Curtains Casting you are able to submit for as many upcoming roles as you desire! Additionally, you’ll get great insight through weekly videos to help you with auditions, and casting calls.

We offer plenty of knowledge to independent actors so that they are able to navigate throughout the acting industry. As the saying goes… “It’s not what you know but who you know.” Which is why we offer monthly panels with established Actors and Casting Directors to give advice. With the right  knowledge and tools, you will be able to book auditions with confidence. Also, you will get to meet other upcoming actors to build a community with.

In spite of all efforts, you find it extremely hard to find a legitimate agent?  Learn the secret to obtaining an agent. You will gain access to information to help you obtain an agent to help move your acting career along. Without an agent, this industry will chew you up and spit out!

Open Curtains Casting is like no other casting website… We helps actors in the beginning stage of their career to take off! Because streaming platforms are now dominating the film industry, acting roles are coming in plentiful and pretty much easier to land. Because we are affiliates with the streaming service, CynemaTV, our actors get first dibs on acting roles for their platform. But acting gigs don’t fall in your lap! In other words, you can’t be lackadaisical because this industry only rewards hard work.

Although, acting is not our only mission… We also post jobs for film crew in almost every department. Because of our affiliation with CynemaTV, at cynematv.com, film-crew members get first access to jobs on CynemaTV’s platform.

Because we value our Producers and Casting Directors, at Open Curtains Casting, there is no charge to post casting calls for actors and crew members.

With all that being said, get up off of the couch and register today for free with Open Curtains Casting and take your film-industry career to the next level!